The Student Success Program

Student Learning and Success Skill Building

        We Provide Programs and a Curriculum to Improve the Achievement and Behavior of Regular Ed., At Risk, ADD and Classified Students

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Schools & Teachers Are Facing A Crisis:

An Increasing Number of Students Today are:

  • Under Motivated

  • Disruptive

  • Unavailable for Learning

  • Attention Challenged

  • Aggressive

  • Defiant

  • Lacking in Self Discipline

  • Turned Off to Learning

  • Intellectually Passive

  • Frustrated by School Work

The 2 Barriers to Learning

1.  School Work is Harder Than Ever Before

School work today is very difficult.  Students are expected to learn harder and harder academic content in earlier and earlier grades.  Many children today have difficulties with motivation, focus, attention, self discipline, study, reading, homework, memorization, emotion control, behavior and communication skills.  

2.  Students Are Less Available for Learning Than Ever Before

Media over saturation, learning difficulties, less parental supervision, technological over stimulation, video games, hyper activity levels, excessive TV watching, attention difficulties, spoiling, instant messaging, instant everything and an increase in emotional problems are interfering with the learning capacities of children today.  We live in a 'McWorld' in which our children are conditioned to want instant gratification; to have things come fast and easy.  Learning, however, takes time and involves frustration.  Many children today are intellectually passive having been hypnotized and mesmerized by years of watching an average of 5 to 7 hours a day of TV. 

At Risk Students Disrupt the Learning of Other Students

Attention challenged, under motivated, disruptive and emotionally troubled students often reduce the amount of time devoted to classroom learning.  These children may or may not be classified.  These children generally need, or demand, special attention and redirection.     

The Solution:  The Program Builds the Motivation & Learning Skills of At Risk Students

The 2 Secrets of Improving the Success of At Risk Students:

1.  Improve Motivation

Provide at risk, learning challenged and disruptive students with experiences of school success.  Provide these students with attention and reward for achieving specific goals.   

2.  Build Key Learning Skills

Strengthen the foundation attention, focus, listening, study, organization, problem solving, memorization, self control and learning skills of At Risk Students.  Strengthen the capacity of these students to learn. 

Helping At Risk Students Lean How to Learn

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