The Student Success Program

Our Philosophy is Based on 7 Premises:

1.  Higher Standards

School work today is harder than ever before. 

2.  An Experiment in Child Rearing

Technology, media stimulation, parental unavailability and the pace of modern life have contributed to making our children less available for learning than ever before. 

3.  Schools are Facing a Crisis

There has been an explosion in the number of children with behavior, emotion, motivation, self discipline, communication, attention, focus and learning problems. 

4.  All Students Are Effected by This Problem

The disruptive behaviors and learning difficulties of at risk students have significantly decreased the quality and quantity of classroom learning time for all students.  

5.  Burn Out

Teachers are overwhelmed and stressed out by these difficulties.  

6.  The Problem Behind the Problem

The core problem with most students who are disruptive, misbehaving, under motivated and aggressive is that they have difficulty with knowing how to learn and how to be successful in school.  These children give up and become good at being bad and gaining attention in negative ways. 

7.  The Solution:  Motivation and Skill Building

When at risk students are given an experience of success and are instructed in key learning, communication and behavior skills they overcome their difficulties, become motivated, engage in learning and improve their achievement.  When these students get rewarded for their efforts and gain the tools necessary for success, they become eager to learn. 

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