The Student Success Program

Why is the Program So Effective?

The Program is effective because it:

  • Motivates learning challenged students by giving them recognition and reward for their effort

  • It provides students who usually experience failure and embarrassment in school with experiences of success

  • Builds the most important learning, study and self discipline skills that these students need to improve

  • Increases parent involvement in skill building, homework monitoring and rewarding results  

  • Helps teachers to get learning challenged students to work on the most important goals that can improve their achievement and classroom behavior

  • Recognizes that motivation is not everything; that children may be motivated to do the right things but can not succeed unless they know how to do the right things

  • Breaks up complex, essential and foundation learning and behavior skills into easy to remember and easy to use component steps

  • Emphasizes the importance of strengthening the active listening  and memorization skills of at risk students

  • Guides students in a step by step curriculum to learn key academic achievement, communication and behavior skills

  • Helps students overcome barriers to learning

  • Uses positive peer pressure and recognition to increase motivation

  • Helps Attention Challenged students develop on task, focus, organization and memorization skills  

  • Mobilizes the adults in a child's life (e.g,. teachers, mentors, program staff and parents) to all focus on the same things 

  • Helps students learn how to learn

  • Is based on years of development by Dr. Rodger Goddard working with thousands of teachers, students, parents and school staff 

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