The Student Success Program

The Program Encourages Active Parent Involvement:

The Program is effective because it guides parents in using a 10 Minute a Day Success Session to teach, monitor and reward skill building in their children

The 3 Parent Daily Actions:

1. The 2 Doing Great Skills: 

Parents monitor and guide the building of the 2 'Doing Great' Skills.  Doing Great Skills are the 2 most important skills that a child needs to strengthen in order to improve academic achievement.  Teachers rate the Doing Great improvement effort on a daily basis to provide parents with information concerning a child's work in these most critical areas. 

2. The Success Check List:  

Parents check the Success Check List to make sure that all homework and skill building actions have taken place.  The Success Check List helps to build organization, self discipline and responsibility in a child.  

3. Daily Power Skill Challenges:  

Parents and students receive weekly Success Power Skills.  The Power Skills are 3 to 5 step, easy to remember, easy to learn and easy to use skills designed to strengthen a child's study, communication, behavior, memorization, test taking, focus, organization, reading and other critical skills needed for academic success.  Parents are asked to go over the skills with their child for a few minutes every day and pose the Skill Challenge question to optimize skill use and learning.  

Parent Communication:

We Reach Out to Parents: 

Depending on the program version we communicate with parents in several ways.  We send parents weekly e-mails which include: 1) The Success Skill and Challenge of the Week, 2) Feedback on their child's Doing Great Effort scores in school, and, 3) Guidance in conducting the 10 Minute a Day Skill Building sessions with their child.  Depending on program format we can offer parents a weekly conference call to discuss skill building issues with us and to hear the questions and concerns of other parents.  We can also set up individual parent telephone coaching sessions. 

We Ask Parents to Keep Us Informed of Their Success:

Once a week parents of children in the program are asked to communicate with us concerning their skill building actions with their child by either: 

1.  Leaving us a voice mail, or,

2.  Returning our weekly student update e-mail

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