The Student Success Program

The 5 Key Program Components:

1.  The Success Notebook

Each student receives a Success Notebook.  The Notebook guides students in building key communication, learning and behavior skills.  The Success Notebook has 3 sections and a Success Treasure Map.  The Notebook contains a student's Doing Great Success Chart.  The Chart focuses a student on improving the 2 most important skills that he or she needs to strengthen in order to improve academic achievement.  The Notebook also contains a daily Success Checklist and the key Success Skills. 

2.  Weekly Skill Building Sessions

Students in the program attend a weekly skill building instruction class.  We guide your teachers or staff in using the weekly Success Skill Curriculum to instruct students in the Success Skills (i.e., The Train the Trainer Format).  Alternately, we can provide staff to come to your school to conduct the weekly skill building classes (i.e., The Weekly Session Format).  The classes instruct students in our curriculum for building student communication, behavior, learning and study skills.  Skills are broken down into easy to use, easy to remember steps to help students improve their focus, attention, behavior control, study, memorization, homework, emotional intelligence and achievement skills.  

3.  Teacher Success Skill Monitoring

Teachers are involved in providing feedback concerning their students' behavior and learning skill improvement actions.  Teachers are asked to take 1 minute a day to score students on their effort.  Scores are communicated weekly to parents to reinforce and further guide skill building.  The daily teacher scoring enables students to advance on their Success Treasure Maps in order to receive reward and recognition for success.  Scores are also used to guide mentors and the Success Skill Instructor concerning which areas are most important for students to get help with.  Teachers are provided with a Skill on the Desk technique which helps students remember to use and strengthen critical learning skills. 

4.  Parent Involvement

Parents are asked to conduct 10 Minute a Day Skill Building Sessions with their children.  Parents help their children improve their success skills.  Parents use daily Success Skill Building Challenges to build critical learning skills.  We communicate with parents through e-mail, voice mail and/or telephone coaching sessions to guide their 10 Minute a Day Skill Building activities with their children.    

5.  Mentorship Guidance

We help schools to set up a mentorship program.  Schools ask their  teachers to volunteer to act as mentors for the students in the program.  We conduct mentor training sessions to instruct and guide their program activities.  Mentors coach program students in how to build the critical success skills.  Mentors support, congratulate, cheer on, 'high 5' and reinforce their students' skill improvement and success.  Mentors are asked to meet with their students at least once a week for 10 to 20 minutes.  

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