The Student Success Program

The Student Success Notebook

Each student receives a Success Notebook.  The Success Notebook is used to organize and guide student skill building.  The notebook has 3 sections and a Success Treasure Map.  The notebook guides students in 3 critical ways.  

The 3 Success Notebook Sections:

1.  My 2 Doing Great Skills

'Doing Great Skills' are the 2 most important skills a that student needs to strengthen in order to improve his behavior and/or academic achievement.  Teachers take a few seconds a day to score students on the 2 Doing Great Goals.  Parents, mentors, students and Success Skill Instructors are informed

2.  The Daily Power Check List

The Power Check List helps to build organization, follow through and responsibility in program students.  The Power Check List details the 5 things a student must do everyday. 

3.  The Weekly Power Success Skills

The Success Notebook contains weekly study, learning, organization, communication, focus and behavior skills that build success.  Skills are learned through daily 10 minute practice. 

The Success Treasure Map

Each student's progress is monitored.  Teachers score a student's Doing Great Chart.  Parents are also requested to keep track of their child's success building actions.  A Success Treasure Map provides feedback and incentive to students  track of a child's progress in order to reward improvement.

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