The Student Success Program

The 3 Program Formats:

1.  The Power Skills Workbook:

Power Skills Workbooks can be used independently by schools, teachers, parents, special service staff or school counselors to improve student achievement and behavior skills.  The program can be used as a curriculum to build the success skills of all students, targeted classes, at risk, ADHD or classified students.  

2.  Train the Trainer Format:

Our Train the Trainer Format involves monthly on site or Webinar Internet instruction sessions for teachers or school staff.  Instruction sessions guide teachers, school staff and/or parents using the program.  The program can also be tailored to provide individual telephone or face to face teacher, staff or parent coaching sessions and e-mail guidance.  

3.  Weekly Session Format:

Our Weekly Session Format involves providing on site or Webinar Internet instruction sessions . The program is flexible and is tailored to fit the exact needs of your school.  In the Train the Trainer format we guide your staff in conducting the weekly Success Skill Classes.  In the Weekly Session format our program staff can potentially conduct the the weekly Success Skill Classes with students.  With either format we provide students, teachers and parents with the Success Workbook and optional e-mail, telephone coaching or Webinar Internet guidance.