The Student Success Program

A Game Changer:

Motivated students experience success and accomplishment several times a month, a week, a day or even an hour.  Learning challenged students experience success and accomplishment perhaps only once a week, once a month or as little as once a year.  These children lose their motivation.  Learning challenged students presently play a game that they can not win.  They are expected to succeed at doing 50 to 2000 difficult academic tasks.  These students end up getting overwhelmed and giving up.  The Success Program changes the nature of the game into one that they can win.  The program asks these students to work hard at being successful in 2 to 5 critical areas at a time.  The 2 to 5 critical areas involve building the skills needed to overcome their barriers to learning.  Of course, they still need to accomplish the other 50 to 2000 things but now they can begin to achieve those things with greater motivation and the focus, self control, memorization and study skills that enable them to learn.

The program is revolutionary approach for helping difficult, at risk students to succeed

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